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Three Apples Taksim Suites & Residence


Istiklal Street Art Stations

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When you go to the İstanbul, you should visit art galleries. You will find yourself in front of a table while following the footsteps of contemporary art. Stay in Three Apples Taksim Residence and visit the art galleries on Istiklal Street. Istiklal Caddesi is home to a large number  the gallery. First, stop by Salt Beyoğlu, and visit the current exhibition at number 136th. Salt established a new exhibition average every 1.5 months,  Each new show, which is in great demand Salt’s entries free of charge.

Come out with Salt and stop at Arter than see inspiring art works. Arter is five-storey building that is fourth floor used for  exhibition space. Lift 4 floor and start to exhibition. Arter hasn’t got an entry fee.

After Arter we invite you to Pera Museum. Pera Museum opened in 2005, several film screenings and talks, panels, and organizing exhibitions. Pera Museum has an extensive collection. Pera Museum also closely follows the artistic developments also in abroad, you will save a completely different perspective. Pera Museum, which occupies a historic building at Tepabaşı has a cafeteria where you can relax and drink a coffee.

After the Pera Museum now destination is in Mısır Apartment! Mısır Apartment building is a historic building.Building built by Hosvep Aznavuryan. The building is located in Galeri Nev. Surveys conducted in 2011, Gallery Nev selected the best gallery.

Hidden Beauties of Karaköy

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Considered as the second capital of Istanbul, Turkey, in each district contains a unique beauty. If you have not come to Istanbul before, seeing the city has a population of 17 million is too late. But do not worry, Istanbul is always open for you . At any time, You can press the foot in district of this historic point. Before you begin a ride to Istanbul, you will surely create a trip plan. With this plan the trip will be hiked without forgetting any of the places to visit. Three Apples Taksim Suite accommodations, access may be comfortable anywhere. If you want to go down to the beach from Taksim- Karakoy you can use the world’s second oldest subway and get off at Tunnel Metro.Karakoy Beyoglu famous with hans,banks and business, Karaköy is the one of the oldest and most famous commercial centers. Galata Bridge bonds the Karaköy to Eminönü. Güllüoğlu Karakoy is famous with baklava and the bride pack. Don’t forget to eat. Karakoy Gulluoglu will enchant you with delicious flavor desserts.

Do not forgo the Istanbul Modern Art Museum while you’re in Karaköy. Istanbul Modern Art Museum is located between Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and Tophane-i Amire. Istanbul Modern’s exhibition will be good for you,it has also a café to relax. Istanbul Modern hosts the Biennial, the museum is a must-see precious.

Another structure that must be visited in Karaköy is Tophane-i Amire building. During the Ottoman Empire were used as cannon casting furnace.  While visiting the exhibition you will feel like living in the time of the Ottoman Empire.

Witnessing History of Hagia Sophia Museum

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We can talk about who want to make the trip on historic sites of Istanbul’s. Suriçi is the other name of the historical peninsula. The Golden Horn, the Bosphorus and the Marmara Sea, surrounded by the historical peninsula of Istanbul, the first call is established and developed the area. The peninsul’s western border of the Byzantine city walls can be seen. There are two reasons why this area is called the historical peninsula. The first reason is due to the fact that Istanbul’s oldest settlements. The second reason is due in its having many historical artifacts in. The Hagia Sophia Museum, Çemberlitas Bath, Sultanahmet Square, is located in  In the historical peninsula.

Hagia Sophia, patriarch the cathedral is a basilica was built in the Byzantine period, with the conquest of Istanbul in 1453 turned into a mosque by the Ottoman Empire. The building is called the “sofia” , Greek word “wisdom” means. “Hagia Sophia” and “holy wisdom” means. This structure is accepted  a masterpiece in the history of art because of managing to stand for 15 centuries. Hagia Sophia, the oldest cathedral in the world at the same  the world’s fastest (5 years)built in the cathedral. It was a mosque and is now used as a museum Hagia Sophia, has welcomed its first visitors as a museum on 1 February 1935.

You can witness the history by visiting the Hagia Sophia Museum. You will admire the architecture of this museum and you can visit at 09:00 between the hours of 17:00. The entrance fee is 25 Turkish Liras. Museum is also very convenient transportation.You can access the Hagia Sophia Museum by Eminonu tram line. If you are coming from out of town to İstanbul, you sholud keep a map of Istanbul with you.

Green Areas of Istanbul

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We will recommend a few park for who like green space. Living in Istanbul, with a fast pace lifestyle that they want to make the most of the days. Without a doubt the best way to cleanse ourselves from the stress of business, in the countryside march. If we take a look at the green areas in Istanbul, Gülhane Park will be the first one.

Gulhane Park is a park in Istanbul’s Fatih district. The total area of ​​this park is 163 acres. This park is forested with a little more with each passing day since the Ottoman period. Tea gardens in the park is ideal for those who want a cool drink in the summer. It can also easily show around your pets in the park. When we talk about Gülhane Park, we should remember Turkish singer Cem Karaca. Cem Karaca’s  -we all loved- song he said: “I am a walnut tree at Gülhane Park, aware of this neither you nor the police .” Gulhane park is the number one that who need green space.

Expect Gulhane Park, Taksim Square opposite the Gezi Park offers the possibility of getting fresh air in the countryside. Gezi Park has two different tea garden in. After shopping at the Istiklal Street, this park is so listenable.Gezi Park’s location is quite central.

Except Gezi Park, Macha Park Macka Park will give you peace of mind. There are 2 cafés in Macka Park. Sip your coffee against the throat in the park. Enjoy the beautiful weather with Macka park. If you wish, you can go on a picnic with your loved ones at Macka Park, the location of the remains in Sisli and Besiktas. Your mind and your spirit will refresh at parks. Parks are awaiting your visit in Istanbul.

A Wonderland Shop in Taksim

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The last few years, the value of custom designs and rare handmade products is growing steadily. Uniformity of everything around us, directing people to seek differences. Kadikoy, Nisantasi, Taksim quaint little shops selling various districts began to appear gradually even design products.Some of these shops focused on their designs, while others excited about the many people who are looking for the designer at the same point in a medium prepared by combining difference. People started to open design workshops by designers as you wonder.Now we will talk about on the way down to the Galata Tower is located in the street in Wonderland Timarci shop.  Founded in 2010 by Bülent Sarı garment in this tiny shop jewelery, toys, accessories, notebook bag that concentrates in so many products that you can not predict.Inside, the beautiful and fun products as well as close to 50 designers, design products of various brands is imported from abroad.  Designers entering and communicate with each other, as well as have the chance of spreading across the world thanks to the tourists. Demand does not see the products in the shop for 2 months, returned and known chance for new designers.

When you want to get anything unusual gift, but you do not know what to get, this shop is for you. From the moment you step inside, entering another world. Making little surprises to customers and sometimes even hiding discount coupons to various parts of Taksim.  This is not just a shopping area, where you can spend a pleasant time, it is always met with tea coffee and a place to fill your insides with joy.

Taksim usual trip and completed, will excite you are looking for something different, we recommend you to try the journey in Wonderland shop.Do not worry if you live outside of Istanbul, a short while ago it started to be available over the internet. Father’s Day in particular have remained so little time, we believe it will offer you a good alternative.

Istanbul’s Historic Towers

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Without a doubt when you are next in Istanbul you should not miss Galata Tower. Galata Tower is within walking distance from Taksim Square. This historic building is an excellent view of Istanbul awaits you when you exit the the last floor. Galata Tower is ideal for breakfast. Distracted by the stunning views on the top floor cafe and enjoy a nice breakfast.

Galata Tower

Outside the Galata Tower, Maiden’s Tower well worth to visit. Üsküdar shore via small boats from the Maiden Tower takes over.You and your lover can go Maiden’s Tower by boat it will be so romantic. Maiden’s Tower is ideal for making a proposal. Head to head in a tower in the middle of the sea lover and you. It’s a memorable marriage proposal. Maiden’s Tower experience unforgettable moments with a nice dinner at the restaurant. If you’d like a nice violin concerto, you can listen, you can also looking into the eyes of your lover and telle her to how much you love her.

Maiden's Tower

Other than Maiden’s Tower in Istanbul Beyazit Tower is a surely should not miss. Beyazit Tower was built in 1749, is a tower height of 85 meters. This tower has been established in order to observe fires and news. Originally, the tower was built as a wood fire burned Cibali. The tower then burned again in a Janissary revolt. Beyazit Tower consists of three layers: a solid guard, sign a solid and starboard floor.

Beyazıt Tower

Long time residents of Istanbul Beyazit Tower illuminated at night in different colors were used for the notification of the next day’s weather prediction. Blue illumination of the tower will be open to the air the next day, the green color rain, yellow colour fog, and red color would snow news. This practice was ended in 1995, after a short period of time, this practice started again in 2010.

Certainly visiting this magnificent towers in Istanbul. A memorable trip waiting for you …

Three Apples Taksim Residence

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Do you want to get rid of the triedness with a delightful holiday in Three Apples Taksim Residence? If your answer is yes, we are waiting you. Three Apples Taksim Residence options are: Silver Suite, Bronze Suite and Gold Suite.

When we look at the details of Bronze Suit is a size 25 m2 and we see that 11 serve as a studio apartment. All rooms have the time to meet the requirements of modern high-speed wifi internet connection, LCD TV, DVD player and is equipped with more than 100 channels, including satellite connection. For your daily needs  a refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, kettle, fully equipped kitchen and a dining table you will have in your room. Bronze suite rooms ideal for 2-3 day business trips and weekend getaways. Also consisting of a maximum of 3 adults and 2 children serves for holidaymakers.

If we look at the details of Silver Suit Three Apples Taksim Residence Silver Suite rooms have a size of 40 to 45 m2 and consists of a spacious living room and a bedroom. This room type is connected to a large living room with separate bed rooms, ideal for families with children seem accommodation for 2 or 3 days. Silver Suite: LCD TV, satellite receiver, DVD player, built-in telephone, wireless internet, air conditioning, central heating, 24/7 hot water, shower, hair dryer, safe deposit box, washing, dry cleaning, bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, balcony are available.

When we look at Three Apples Taksim Residence Golden Suit, living area of ​​85 m2, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 balconies, 100 m2 private terrace, you can see a panoramic view of the magnificent glittering world.

Be ready to enjoy with Three Apples Taksim Residence. Istanbul entertainment, fashion and the arts center, Taksim, a unique holiday experience. Taksim offers more options in terms of hotels. Three Apples Residence Taksim, comfortable and nice choose for a holiday. Undoubtedly the right choice among the hotels in Taksim Residence Three Apples.

Turkish Coffee

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If you come to the İstanbul, you should drink Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee is a method of preparing coffee. Turkish coffee has a unique taste, foam and cooking appliances. Turkish coffee is served in a charming small cups and served with a glass of water. Before drinking coffee you should wait 1-2 minutes, than remnants also expected to sink to the bottom. Turkish coffee usually drink noon of the day of the mornings. Such as British afternoon tea every country has a culture of its own.

Let’s talk about this myth in Istanbul, where to drink ideal Turkish coffees .. Olivya Pass on Istiklal Street , the gate placed on chairs, this place called Mandabatmaz. Don’t go  without drinking a foamy Turkish coffee.

I can recommend secondly, it as a place and name is Uncle Mustafa Jean’s. This place has around the second-hand booksellers, booksellers and has Silversmiths. In afternoon Turkish coffe is a beautiful drink, you can also read book or read a newspaper.

Istanbul is very lovely city. I’m sure you will fall in love with Istanbul.

Three Apples Elmadağ Residence

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Business trip will turn into a pleasant holiday with Three Apples Elmadağ Residence. Elmadağ Residence suites are located within walking distance of the business centers, with a size of 35 m2 and consists of a living room and a separate bedroom. It has a kitchen for your daily needs. Elmadağ Residence has 9 rooms at Elmadağ.

Elmadağ very crowded in terms of hotels. Without a doubt Three Apples Elmadağ Residence is the best one. Taksim apart is the preferred choice for accommodation. Elmadağ Residence is preferred because it’s centrally located. Elmadağ Residence is very right choice for your business trips. Which is very close to Taksim, Sisli and Elmadağ, ideal for you. This is excellent because, you can walk anywhere.  Three Apples Elmadağ Residence preferred other than business trips, you forget all the work intensity. Experience a lovely holiday relaxing the mind. If you want to choose the most comfortable hotel in Elmadağ, Three Apples Residence is right for you.

When we look at the details of the Three Apples Residence Elmadağ rooms, to meet the needs of modern times all rooms have high-speed wifi internet connection, LCD TV, DVD player, and that we will see more than 100 channels, including satellite connection. To meet the daily needs also a refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, water heater and also have a fully equipped kitchen consisting of a dining table, we can see. Elmadağs is 750 meters away from Nisantasi and Taksim with easy access to everywhere, offering you a peaceful holiday. Staying at this hotel you can see a difference between Elmadağ hotels and Taksim ordinary apart.

Take a look at Elmadağ hotels, Three Apples Elmadağ Residence can easily tell the difference. If you don’t want to avoid nasty surprises on your vacation, you must have a good plan. Have fun until late at night at Taksim, which is the center of attraction, you can return to your room without any problems. Enjoy every moment and join in this unique holiday experience.

Three Apples Taksim Suite

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Who choose Three Apples Taksim Suite, they will live an unforgettable holiday. Taksim Suite Hotel offers you private rooms. Three Apples Taksim Suite have three different room options; Taksim Suite, Istanbul Suite Bosphorus Suite.

When we lookat the details of Taksim Suit we see that rooms are 30-45 m2 wide. 3 rooms, 2 are located in the same concept, a spacious lounge and en-suite in the form of a separate bedroom, while the other rooms in the form of a charming studio apartment located in front of the hotel in that room dizayn.Taksim Suite Hotel’s kitchen will only your own. To meet your daily needs, fridge, dishwasher, oven, water heater will have a fully equipped kitchen and a dining table made​​. Taksim Suites also high-speed wifi internet connection, LCD TV, DVD player and satellite connections, including more than 100 channels have been designed for your comfort.

If we look at the details of Three Apples Istanbul Suite, rooms have a size of 35 m2 and consists of a living room and a bedroom. Located between the first and fourth floors, a total of 9 rooms, four suites with French balconies and are positioned facing the front of the hotel. In front of our hotel room at the back of the other five. In the room, internet connection, LCD TV, DVD player and satellite connection available. Besides other features mentioned to Suit Taksim, Istanbul apply to Suit.

When we look at the details of the room Three Apples Bosphorus Suite with an area of ​​70 m2 to be seen.  Both the bedroom and the living room with a balcony in the Bosphorus Suite and the Bosphorus Suite is the most valuable room in Three Apples Taksim Suite’s. It also have a private terrace of 50 m2 in size and enjoy the wisp, enjoy the panoramic views of the city.

if you choose Taksim Suite Hotel you will never regret .Taksim Suite Hotel will change the way on vacation. Get ready for a vacation full of excitement and pleasure with Taksim Suit. When you  preparing your luggage, Imagine experience beautiful moments in Taksim Suite Hotel. You want to spend your holiday in Taksim Suite, and every year you will be addictive.