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Amazing Restaurants Of Istanbul

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İstanbul is a great city. With 20 million people, lots of colors and religions combined together, has lots of opportunities, a wonderful restaurant culture. İf you are new in this city, you should know the best restaurants, and how to find a good one. Here are some details for you.


First of all, you may find the cheapest restaurant and the most expensive one, if you have normal income or you are rich. You should try the foods on the streets. Delicious, but may not be very healty. But, worth to try. And of course, you know the kebab culture of Turkey. Try Adana Kebab. Also, İskender kebab is very delicious, you will love it.


Choose old restaurants, some of them has been run till 1930 or 1950, these kind of places are the experts of taste. Small places with minimum decoration are cool, they care about taste too. Turkish cuisine is focused on meat, you may find lots of meat dish species. Also, mediterranean kitchen is cool, very delicious cuisine made of olive oil. Mediterranean people live long, with the miracle of amazing olive oil. Try fish restaurants, you may order rakı, the traditional drink of Turkey and enoy the amazing table, some restaurants may be expensive, but worth to see the culture.


Vintage and Second Hand Products

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Used are quite popular these days you can also join on a shopping spree. Taksim and around the many antique shops and second hand shopping is waiting for you. In particular, you can find second hand books Aslıhan Passage is located across the street from Galatasaray High School, second-hand books suitable for the ideal venue. Excerpts available in many booksellers.


Seeking all types of books and magazines that you can buy at affordable prices from booksellers. Books, as well as second hand clothing, vintage clothing has become quite popular with fashion. Fashion in the 80th and 90th due to return to the second-hand store was quite does the job. Both affordable and popular products that contain these stores Galata, Cihangir and Karaköy can find around. Usually from the internet selling shops in this beautiful sweater, winter jackets, skirts, pants and eyewear, watches, wallets are also available as accessories. Like with affordable prices of the products you can buy here.


Besides Taksim Taksim Bomonti only a few stops away, a place famous for its flea market in Feriköy. Sunday Flea Feriköy established, as well as second-hand clothes second hand goods market where you can buy a pretty nice. From here you can comfortably reach Taksim. Second-hand clothes and valuables from Feriköy can buy.

A Peaceful Day in Cihangir

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if you’re tired of Taksim, Istiklal Street and Asmalımescit colorful, noisy and crowded places Cihangir’s warm, charming and bohemian cafes can visit. All of them are quite affordable, friendly cafes this beautiful and different places. Listen to alternative music venues here, you can visit the beautiful streets of Cihangir. Second-hand goods are quite popular these days for fashion can also visit Cihangir.


Here many available second-hand clothes shop and antique shops. Vintage clothing is quite popular in this period of fashion affordable shops located in Cihangir sightseeing options you can look appropriate. Districts of coffee that is one of the most admired and often referred to as Ivy Coffee Jahangir’s famous coffee-house, please visit Firuzağa. This popular coffee shop located at the bottom end of the street and the mosque, the newspaper while sipping your tea or coffee, you can spend a day mixing serene and beautiful. Firuzağa quite crowded at any time of day coffee, are among the places frequented by celebrities. Firuzağa quite admired by everyone coffee, Cihangir’s most popular, is one of the makeshift venues.


After a peaceful day in Cihangir, 5, 10 minutes walk from Istiklal Street, the bustling and energetic atmosphere can return. In the crowded city to relax and take a breath you can immerse yourself in the peaceful atmosphere of Cihangir. Much loved by the people here, do not forget to feed the cats Cihangir.

Misket Wine House

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Welcome to Istanbul, you can roam the streets on a snowy day in Istanbul. When you feel you want to drink hot wine walk slowly towards Besiktas.From Taksim to Besiktas in extremely pleasant and friendly. Walking the streets of Istanbul under the snow, you will admire this image. When you get to Besiktas, turn your direction to the famous Eagle Statue . Sculpture in the two upper street, you will see the Misket Wine House. Drink wine in a five-storey wooden building does not so perfect? Misket famous for homemade wine. When you come here you should taste wines. Acrid and sweet taste all of these wines beautiful than the other. Make your choice of red or white wine, you can sit in comfortable chairs.


Five-story wooden building, built with stones of the ceiling and walls. When you enter the Misket, you will feel yourself like a stone wine mine. Although the five-story floors, this place is so small as a miniature house wine. When you go to the top floor you will see balcony at your side. Balcony seats are also quite comfortable. Outdoors in nice weather will be very pleasant to drink wine.


When the marbles fall into your path, do not forget to eat donuts and potato. Crispy spring rolls and crispy potatoes can be eaten with wine from a nice aperitif.If you are going for two people, you can order a half liter of wine.Which is extremely authentic place Misket, will win the hearts of wine lovers…

Istanbul Modern Art Museum

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Istanbul Modern Art Museum, the pearl of the city. İn İstanbul, there is only one art museum, and it is successfull as you wish. A wonderful building, minimalist. The museum is in Tophane, by seaside. You can see the classical Turkish paintings. Taking a photo is forbidden. Also you can see the work of Turkish modern artists. Scrulptures are also magnificent. These all  will take many hours.

In Istanbul Modern Art Museum, you also may see the examples of conceptual art. These mind blowing works will open your mind and surprise you. The movies are also wonderful. But, you may wait too much time in the line, so please buy your tickets before. The library is great too. You may find English books.  The books you may never find outside. And also, museum has its own cafe, with amazing foods. You may use the car park, if you have a car.


With all opportunities, Istanbul Modern Art Museum may make you happy with your family. We suggest you to bring your kids. Go with your beloved one or friends. If you love to  hang out alone, we suggest to go there alone and be with your own thoughts. Have fun.


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Sultanahmet, one of the most precious areas on earth. İf you are into history, you should see the wonderful temples. İf you are a religious person, you must breathe the peaceful air in Sultanahmet. The important buildings and museums in the area: Topkapı Palace, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Yerebatan.


Hagia Sophia is built by Emperor Justinianus, it is the jewelry of İstanbul. A huge church, with lots of mosaics. Sultan Fatih came to İstanbul and turned Hagia Sophia in to a mosque. İn modern Turkey, today, its not used as a church or as a mosque, it is place where millions of people come and see, a gorgeous museum. The athmosphere is breath taking. You will fall in love with this master piece of art. And every mosaic is protected.


Opposite of Hagia Sophia, Suleiman The Magnificent builted a gorgeus mosque, The Blue Mosque. The architecht was Mimar Sinan. He is one of the greatest artists of the era. You may heard the name of Suleiman, from the tv series, Muhtesem Yuzyıl. (The Magnificent Century)


Topkapı Palace is a place where fairy tales begin. A wonderful and giant door waits you, like the palaces of kings in fairy tales. You can imagine the Otoman soldiers. When you enter the door, you will see lots of buildings, The Harem, Divan (the place of government) the place where relics are protected, the building of cooks and places where you can feel the athmosphere and have a rest.


Also, dont forget to see Yerebatan. İt is a mystical place from Byzintines. Cheer and let the beatiful city make you smile.

Ferry Boat Tour: Amazing İstanbul

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You are in a bus in İstanbul, than you debus, a big crowd, lots of people, you walk to a ferry boat, the weather is wonderful, seagulls scream cheery, the athmosphere is like a fairy tale. You deserve to be happy. You are in the most beatiful city around the world.



İstanbul means ferry boats, breathing the cheer, watching people from all around the world. Smile to them, they will talk to you, if they know English. Turkish people attend to talk to strangers, they love foreigners. Let them ask you where are you from, and maybe, they may help you some cases. About a beatiful restaurant, or how to go to airport.


Watch the seagulls. İstanbul people love to feed the seagulls in the ferry boats. They throw ‘simit’, a special round turkish bread, middle part of it is empty. Before you take the boat, or in the boat, you may buy simit and throw it to the sea gulls. İt is a tradition. Seagulls fly speedy to catch a part of a simit, and get them in the air, with their beak.


Taking a ferry is not just a standart inner city travel, it is also a chance to relax and be happy. Take a boat, go whenever you want to be, ask people beatiful places, and also, try the turkish tea.

A Trip Full of Art: Art Galleries

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Istanbul is the center of art, for region. Artists from all over the world come here, you can see the work of an artist from Mumbai or New York in an art gallery. All the world spices come together and create a harmony. New worlds art can open your mind, if you are ready. All the paintings, scrulptures, conceptual piece of art are waiting you, in the galleries in İstanbul. All are fresh, a nice girl is smiling you and she is ready to tell about the work in the gallery.


In some of the galleries in İstanbul, you can also see the traditional Turkish art, for example hat, ebru, and other examples that are known as the jewelry of the İslam culture. This kind of art could be a better one, to take your home city, and bring the smell of İstanbul.


Also, if you are lucky, you can see a Biennial. İstanbul Biennial is well known in the world, brings the best artists from all over the world. Shocking, mind blowing, breathe taking. İf you are not into these things, you can enjoy the athmosphere, the colors, the cheerful ambience.

İf you are wondering to see the Turkish painters,  you must see the galleries, especially the ones in Beyoglu. Take the people you love and let the art cheer your mind.

Sunset in Galata

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Galata, the mysterious part of İstanbul. Old buildings, bars, bookstores, all are amazing for tourists. Do u have a camera? Take it, bring your children, your beloved one, see İstanbul. İf you are not married or didnt come with your lover, you may find love here. People from all around the world come here, western people, black people, middle easterns, asians, they all enjoy the amazing İstanbul. Also, turkish people are very kind to strangers. They wil try to talk to you, if they know English. They will help you, and if yo are open, they want to be your friends.

İstanbul is love, mystery and adventure. All colors come together, and make music with cheer. Galata is the heart of the city. İn Ottoman age, western people lived here. This was the part where western people come and make trade with Ottoman people. Also, Ottoman christians and jews were living here too. There were lots of taverns and bars  ran by Greek people. Jew doctors, Armenian craftsmen, all were doing business in peace. İn that age, christians, jews and muslims lived together in harmony. Today, this tradition is alive.


Come and see the most beatiful city around the world, dont forget to see Galata. Let love conquer your soul.

Church of Saint Pierre and Saint Paul

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One of the many churches of Istanbul, Galata bearing traces of history / Karakoy district, the Church of Saint-Pierre and Saint Paul. Saint-Pierre and Saint Paul’s Church in 1841, the restoration of the Hagia Sophia basilica style by performing the famous architect Gaspare Fossati, Saint-Pierre and Saint Paul were attributing.The face of this beautiful structure will survive for many years, the remaining ruins of the Genoese was done with an area of ​​rectangles.

This magnificent and beautiful building used for conditions of the period does not inverted input small, unpretentious made ​​an entry. During this period, the churches and the entries appear big and flashy translated to the street. The entrance to the Church of Saint-Pierre and Saint Paul, the famous Genoese sculptor Drago has a door made ​​of colored marble. Composed of the heads of angels and flowers, the door of the period is followed by priests is a member of a cult. Saint-Pierre and Saint Paul’s Church and the resurrection of Jesus so many marble relief, which symbolizes the visuals is located in miseries.Behind the altar of the Saint-Pierre and Saint Paul Dominican Serafino Guidetti is a table depicting the encounter.

The most important work in the Church of Saint-Pierre and Saint Paul, no doubt Odighitria” Mary” Guiding Icon. This is similar to many domestic and foreign tourists to see the portrait of the Virgin Mary in Karaköy is to visit the Church of Saint-Pierre and Saint Paul. The church is very popular in the 1800s in a church’s organ. If you are lucky you can hear organ.