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Pearl of the Anatolian side; Buyaka

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The newly opened Asian side, are quite large and the latest shopping mall to meet every need Buyaka, waiting for the visitors at Umraniye.Buyaka, In which contains many popular shops and eateries. Buyaka quite comfortable access to the store, bringing you purchase a comfortable and spacious architecture. all kinds of services that you need, Buyaka are also available.

Free valet parking, car washes everything you’re looking Buyaka’da customer service. Buyaka membership premia can be aware of the opportunities for all kinds of nice shopping center. Shopping center or web site you need to do is fill up the form.

Buyaka inside a sports center and a spa center. Just shop building, have fun, not to spend a nice time to resolve your needs, such as sports and spa come Buyaka shopping center. You should visit located in the beautiful shopping centers in the Anatolian side of which is one of a small number of Buyaka, Prepared to shop quite a stylish environment. A large covered area with the architecture in a way that does not feel quite comfortable, and you can visit.

See Historical Artworks From East and West: İstanbul Archeology Museum

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İstanbul Archeological Museum is builded by Osman Hamdi Bey, a famous painter, he had a passion about history. İn that age, museum culture was growing, but Ottoman empire had no museums. Osman Hamdi Bey thought Ottomans had to have a museum too, he was also interested in archeology. Today, İstanbul Archeological Museum is a culture and art center, you may see jazz festivals in the garden, at summer. Also other concerts and musical organizations.

There are three main buildings: Archeological Museum, Museum of the ancient Orient, Museum of İslamic Art. Some of the great historical artifacts: The statue of Alexander the Great, The Statue of Aphrodite, and the international convetion of Kadesh, between Egypt and Hitite Empire, its also the first memorandum of agreement in history. You can also see İslamic historical artifacts, wonderful calligraphy samples and ceramic tiles. İslamic carpets and dresses are wonderful and made with a great aesthetics and patience.

Also, you can see ancient Greek and Hellenistic Period statues. Ancient Greeks made statues with perfection and no emotions, made of white marbles. After Alexander The Great, Hellenistic Period starts, and feelings appear on statues. The statues start to smile or have pain.

İn that era, also eastern and middle eastern cultures made original art Works and you can see them in İstanbul Archeological Museum

Journey to the Art at Nevizade

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When you stroll through the streets of Istanbul, Taksim, you must discover each location. Nevizade Art takes place at the beginning of the discovery spaces.Art Nevizade extremely stylish and beautiful in the restaurant-bar. Here are a pleasant conversation with friends can be purified from the stress of everyday life. You can leave yourself caught up in the rhythm of the music that plays nice music.

Entertainment and night life center of Taksim, where energy is extremely high. Sanat terrace offers you a unique view of Istanbul. This view can sip rakılarınızı against yourself, you can leave those special moments.There are hundreds of beautiful streets of Taksim space. Enter your friend when exploring these places and a pleasant stroll arm in arm. The side streets you will revel in the unique historical pattern. Sanat Nevizade see when you can go your way now. Art with a lovely warm atmosphere and ambience of the venue you are looking for exactly.

Come out of the upper floors, a terrace right on arrival,  you will love the view. Art with comfortable seats, you will be able to accommodate the best will do his best. Which is one of the most preferred places in a rich menu of this place continues to be frequented by people of all ages.

A Night at Tektekçi

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Istanbul path has been dropped, and the craving wants to dance,  Tektekçi is the ideal place where you can go. Tektekçi a pleasant ambience, you will be very happy music and dim. Search for wandering the streets of Istiklal Street, you could lose your way distracted. A far cry from the emotions you feel lost in the side streets. When you rotate your head to head to head with the tissue architecture History of previous centuries. Istanbul, is a place of history and modernism meets and İstanbul is very rare place.

And cultural structure of the historical texture of Istanbul embraces everyone. To which people from all walks of life can come and Istanbul, the only place that might not come strangeness.When you release yourself from Istiklal Street, you will meet hundreds of different people and cultures. Cross-cultural fusion is the most intense in this city will add a few things you can even take a breath.

Taksim is considered the heart of the entertainment and night life, bars and restaurants are gaining appeal to everyone. To dance, and you feel your head wants to deploy, İstiklal leave yourself enough. The best feature of Tektekçi’nin provide an opportunity to dance freely. Dancing can be discharged. Immerse yourself in the rhythm of dance, music and dance freely.

Forget all the frustrations while dancing. When you return to your hotel at the end of the night, you will feel a sweet weariness. Take a shower and get dressed in warm pajamas and make yourself a coffee fatigue.

TripAdvisor Excellence Award

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Three Apples Taksim and Elmadağ the most popular suits and they continues to be one of the preferred destinations of accommodation. Followed closely by all the holiday lovers by Turkey’s largest travel site Tripadvisor “certificate of excellence” to be awarded to the Three Apples is further evidence of the success.


The most friendly hotel reviews, Tripadvisor that the critics and ideas within the site, by all lovers of holiday continues to be quite popular and trusted this site. Reservation commissioned by all lovers of holiday accommodation holidays start TripAdvisor quests, return trips never forget to write the review. Tripadvisor is a site that will be very helpful to you in making your travel plans. TripAdvisor safely and easily plan your entire holiday.Three Apples is one of the hotels perfectly located in the perfect site. Family, friends or by yourself to plan the perfect option for all your vacations.

Three Apples location as very close to everywhere. Three Appples Elmadağ in places like Taksim and excellent service, high quality, comfortable, convenient rooms, and offers you the holiday you are looking for affordable prices. You can follow written about all the nice reviewsabout Three Apples on Tripadvisor site. Both the location, as well as on the service plans do include the Three Apples, because It’s appreciated by everyone.. Enjoy a holiday in the most beautiful and at the center of Istanbul.

İstanbul – Korea World Culture Expo

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İstanbul – Korea Culture Expo which bridges eastern and western cultures has started on 31st of August. The main purpose is commingling the cultures of these two countries and presenting each other. The works which represent Turkish – Korean cultures will be exhibited in this organisation.

İstanbul - Korea Culture Expo

İstanbul – Korea World Culture Expo which will have guests from more than 30 countries, will be presented with 28 different activities in 35 different locations. Municipality of İstanbul has devoted 6.8. billion of Turkish Liras for this organisation. İstanbul – Korea Culture Expo which had a magnificent opening on 31st August is pursuing. Around 40 thousands of tourists are expected for this organisation.

There are some attractive activities like Turkey – Korea Symphony Orchestra, World Dance Festival in the organisation. There is a caravan for İstanbul and Gyeongju which represents start and end points of Silk Road. People who wonder this caravan can see it in Sultanahmet Square. Silk Road Caravan will also visit İzmir, Bursa, Ankara, Ürgüp and Erzurum.

İstanbul - Korea Culture Expo

İstanbul – Korea World Culture Expo which is organized since 19th century is waiting for it’s visitors. If you have time, you should see it.

Hagia Sophia: Gorgeous Athmosphere

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İstanbul:  A living miracle. A treasure of thousand years. Byzantines, Ottomans, now Turkish people.  Byzantines created a wonderful capital, with full of temples and monuments. Their buildings make you enter the world of fairy tales. You can smell the odour of churches, imagine the people of the 11. century.

One of the most beatiful buildings: Hagia sophia. A great temple, large, tall and wonderful. İt is made in the age of emperor Justinianus. He was a cruel king, but cared much about the monumental buildings, especially churches. He dreamed a church that will make his name to live forever. And he succeed. 10.000 people worked for his dream. Construction lasted five years.


The mosaics inside are wonderful. Theyre precious art works. Every mosaic has a special and religious meaning. And it would be better you see the Hagia Sophia with a tourist guide. He can tell you the mystery of the church. You will learn lots of things about the culture of that age and the Orthodox belief.


İn 1453, Fatih Sultan Mehmet  conquered Constantinople, and the name of the wonderful city changed: İstanbul. Fatih turned the church into a mosque. And builded four minarets around Hagia Sophia. They put İslamic tables (Hat, a traditional İslamic art)  But, the Christian mosaics are stil there. So, mosaics and İslamic hat art live together in the chuch peacefully.

Buy a Hagia Sophia museum ticket, enter the real fairy tale, smell the odour of the history, enjoy the Byzantine and Ottoman art.

Galata Tower: An Astonishing Travel To The Past

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İstanbul lets you to feel the odour of fairy tales and history. She is like a middle aged beatiful woman, with lots of lovers. You can feel the soul of İstanbul, when you see the city, old buildings, new buildings, a big khaos, people from 19. century, people from Europe, America, Asia.. The colorful atmosphere will amaze you. İt is not important whether you are rich or poor, İstanbul has something to offer you. İf you are an artist, you can see, İstanbul is the capital of art, for he region. if you want to have fun, you must see the beatiful bars and clubs. İf you are a writer, you can find amazing stories. And if you are interested in history, you have lots things to see. One of them is, Galata Tower, an old tower in Galata, Beyoglu.



İt is told that, Galata Tower was builded by people of Genoa. Since that age, the tower is the most beatiful building of the area. Very tall, made of stones, and you can go to the upside by using the elevator. İts an amazing building, full of history. when you reach the top, you will see the gorgeous view: The Bosphorus and the city. Lots of minarets, ships and sea gulls. Beautiful and inspiring. But, dont give your all time to take photographs, just enjoy your time. Breathe the fresh İstanbul air, see the beauty and also, you can talk to the tourists upside. İt has a huge and circle balcony, and you can see all the views of İstanbul.

Galata Kulesi 

İn Ottoman age, the government used it as a fire department. The fire man could see the fire from the top, than they went to the burning building. Today, it is like a museum. You buy a ticket, and enter. Tourists love here. İt is one of the most inspiring places, it is hard to feel unhappy at the top. Go to Galata Tower and have fun…

Discover Forum Istanbul

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Do not forget to stop by when you are next shopping malls in Istanbul. Where you can find hundreds of domestic and foreign brands in shopping malls and eat and drink, as well as do some shopping. If you love to spend time with the Forum Istanbul shopping malls are just perfect for you. Shopping centers are usually a bit cold structures. However, the structure of the Forum Istanbul fun with a cozy atmosphere. Events held on certain days of the month wrapped up with a lively this place, instead of a shopping center, as the world of entertainment.

Forum İstanbul

Clothing, shoes, bags, telecommunications, construction market, food and beverage, design / accessories, household goods stores as well as many in the hosting are in Forum Istanbul, this mall also have movie theaters. If you are interested in art or culture, which was released the movie you want to watch a new movie theaters Forum Istanbul is extremely spacious and the sound system is outstanding.

Forum Istanbul Located in Istanbul Bayrampasa is also extremely easy to transport. As you can access using the metro line, use alternatives such as buses and minibuses.Forum Istanbul doesn’t forget families with children. 8 family room, the mother, father and arranged for the needs of children and maintenance of the toilet.Dining Located on high chairs, a microwave and bottle warmers again brings great benefits to families. Magic Hands Kids Club gets to spend a pleasant time with the parents and their children while they were shopping.

Forum İstanbul

On an area of ​​30,000 square meters, 265 national and international brand alone with the Forum Istanbul in Turkey but also Europe’s largest shopping center. Are you ready to hit the road to visit this magnificent shopping center?

2013 Istanbul Biennial

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Conceptual art is the new artifical platform where art, place and idea meet. İn this world, concept is everything. İdea is more important than aesthetics in classical meaning. Also, its fun. İf you want to find the secret, what artist want you to think, think. Maybe he just wants you to think. İf you dont care, just hang out in a place where colours and ideas fly.

İstanbul has a worldwide biennial, every year. Artists from New York, Paris, London, Tokyo, Hong kong, Mumbai, Cairo come here and perform ideas, not only art. They are always the best, in their area. İn Bienal season, İstanbul is a very colorful city, in every part of the city, you can see art works, in museums, art galleries in İstiklal Street, some special places like Yerebatan Sarnıcı. Historical places are better because you can enjoy the place and art together.

This year, İstanbul Biennial starts in 14 September. The curator of the Biennial is Fulya Erdemci, working as a manager for İstanbul Biennals for year. This year, the name of the Biennial is “Mom am i barbarian?” This is the name of a book of a famous poet, Lale Müldür. She is well known in art society in Turkey, also a very good poet.

The concept of the Biennial is public sphere. A very important subject such a country like Turkey. İt is the beginning point of the most political controversy in Turkey.