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A Touch of Tranquility

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Are you looking for another breath in Taksim? So you can go Şişhane. Que Tal Tapas Bar, one of the indispensable place for tapas lovers. When you go in, all the fatigue, poor energy on it and forget, a sweet warm atmosphere. When you go in you will forget all the fatigue, poor energy  with a sweet warm atmosphere. Sangria’s are magnificent, when you drink it you will enjoy it. If you go to this place with a large group, you can book. If you are coming by car, do not worry, car park is so close to you …

You will feel yourself like in Spain. Both dishes, music, as well as plenty of variety will receive you. In terms of presentation is also quite successful. you sholud see, go and drink. Do not look remotely.

Bored bored and want somewhere to escape the crowds, Orhan Veli Poetry House in Taksim tailor-made for you. If you want to go to the library room in the back, browse among the books or you can go to the hall with comfortable seats and drink tea.

Food is also very reasonably priced. You can ask what you want the items in the menu, they often find what you want, because the menu also writes, “If souls are made snacks.”. This cute place  has a cute blonde cat. It is always possible to find a middle, but do not hesitate to find your lap, you will enjoy reading a book with cat when the cat sleep mumble mumble.


Discovering St. Antoine Church

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Istanbul due to the cradle of civilization, many religious, language and race hosts. History of buildings in the city dotted with numerous churches, mosques and synagogues. This centuries-old churches are visited each day enjoyed by many visitors. If you fall in the path from Istiklal Street, you should visit St. Antoine Catholic Church. This church, built in neo-Gothic style, brings you a centuries-old architecture.

St. Antoine Church

St. Antoine Church

Istanbul, which is the largest Catholic Church in St. Anthoine, by the Italian architect Giulio Mongeri neo-Gothic style, built of reinforced concrete and the church is governed by Italian priests. This church was built on the basis of the Latin pilgrims format and neo-Gothic style. The church walls are covered with mosaic to a certain height. Exterior wall made ​​of brick. Istiklal Street entrance, each 6-storey and two apartments connected by a walkway to church together were to be provided.    In addition, this apartments, Istiklal Street is considered the first reinforced concrete structures.

St. Antoine Church

St. Antoine Church

Sundays are usually held in the church ritual, you will be enchanted when you see the wall paintings. Gothic style, sharp and eye-catching as well as the ethereal beauty and earthly senses.Light a candle while praying to Mary, it will be a spiritual purification. No matter what religion you are extremely affect the church.


Layla Terrace Oley!

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Incidentally able to enjoy the night life in Istanbul. And the best part of your vacation without having to worry about anything because everything got the time to unlimited. Istanbul is a unique paradise for those who love to have fun. Welcome to Istanbul and would you like to have fun like crazy. Then we will give you a little later, I suggest you to enjoy fun stops.


There are dozens of attractions you can go have fun on Istiklal Street. Best reflects your taste in music venues have yet to discover this place. If you enjoy listening to music, you definitely pay a visit to Araf. When you heard Araf world music  you’ll peaks. Araf waiting for you, you can say jump then dance for hours . When you get down into Balo Street on your right you will see the Araf.

Leyla Teras

Another place that is out of Araf in a number of the world’s music, Leyla Terrace. Leyla Terrace is located on the Istiklal Caddesi. When you enter the terrace on the Mis Street, you will see Leyla Terrace. Later that evening when you live on the top floor of the building, groups will entertain you with their songs.

Leyla Terrace employees were extremely courteous and polite. Leyla terrace while having fun place to be able to complete the night without any problems. At night when the day begins to glow, you will fell tired, pleasant, happy and peaceful.

History of Rustem Pasha Mosque

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If you go to Eminönü, you should visit Rustem Pasha Mosque. Processing of the tiles and the ethereal worlds of elegance that will take you purify worldly pleasures.Rustem Pasha Mosque, built by Sultan Süleyman for Grand Vizier Rustem Pasha. The architect of the mosque, the famous architect Sinan.

Rustem Pasha Mosque

Rustem Pasha Mosque

Located in the souk Hasırcılar mosque, staircase exits on both sides. Rectangular plan, the central dome, arches and columns sits four elephant foot. In later years, arches and columns were added in front of the mosque. Construction began in 1561, this mosque was completed in 1563. Mimar Sinan’s genius and a magnificent mosque was built thanks to the speed.

Iznik Tiles

Iznik Tiles

The congregation six columns and five domes. Looks pretty fancy to the foothills of the mosque dome is covered with tiles. Bu çiniler İznik çinisidir ve dönemin çini motiflerini yansıtır.The most successful examples of Ottoman tiles, tiles tulip. Fountain is located on the left side of the mosque.Rustem Pasha mosque, one of his three seafront Mimar Sinan’s mosque. Output windows illuminate the staircase with iron bars. Lost under the splendor of a Yeni Mosque, this mosque could not see the necessary attention from the local communities, is often visited by tourists. Although there isn’t an entry in a very brilliant, very brilliant tiles waiting for you when you enter inside the mosque. We can say that the mosque is located in Turkey’s rich tile motifs. If you are interested in Ottoman art, you should visit this mosque.

A City In Greens

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Taksim Gezi Park events can be considered as a civil resistance.Now, we will summarize for the visitors who haven’t got any information about the events. Gezi Parkı, just around the corner Atatürk Kültür Merkezi. Gezi Park is the only place in the green area to Taksim.

Taksim Gezi Park

On May 27, 2013 for the project demolished a part of the Gezi Park and in the five well-established trees uprooted.A group of 40-50 people, set up tents in Gezi Park and they slept in the park. The next day, started to increase rapidly the number of response in cutting trees and demolition work stopped. Action with the support of civil society organizations has grown like an avalanche. As a result, government officials supported the decision to protect green areas.

Taksim Gezi Park

Gezi Park was inspired by a lot of people. Graffiti art and witty placards was a favorite with everyone. Graffiti is also has added an air of İstanbul. Taksim, re-opened to traffic. Returned to the normal course of life. All of these events which took place in Istanbul, Gezi Park refreshed , the forestation efforts took a deep breath. Three Apples as a family look forward to welcoming you to this historic and dynamic cities.

From Beşiktaş to Ortaköy

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Besiktas is undoubtedly one of the places you should not miss when you come to the Istanbul. Besiktas, within walking distance of Taksim and Ortakoy. Take a walk along the beach when you go to the Besiktas and you can get a flavor of the sea in this county. You will be very happy to sit on the beach, seagulls throw pretzels. You can find according to your taste as well as places where you can shop and dine at Besiktas.

For shopping walk toward the inside of Beşiktaş Bazaar. Beşiktaş Bazaar has, many shops, banks, restaurants in the host. If you want to get gifts for your loved ones, you can visit gift shops in the bazaar. After completing your purchase, you will slowly begin to get hungry. Just order your own delicious meals. If you want to eat on the beach, we recommend that The Sahil Rest Café’s.  The café will thrill you, by the sea in the countryside.

If you wanted to eat baked potato craving, Then your address is Ortaköy. Ortakoy, about a 15 minute drive from the Besiktas coastal path. When you arrive Ortaköy with walking along the beach , you will be waiting for a delicious baked potato. Ortaköy is famous for potatoes and waffles. Tour of Istanbul is definitely not complete without tasting this flavors. You can order a waffle, after eating baked potato. When you eating waffles, you’ll be amazed to how to start. Waffles and baked potato portions are quite large at Ortaköy. This foods will appealing to your eyes and your stomach, your energy will increase and be able to resume your tour in Istanbul.

Along a single street / Taksim

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“Istanbul” first come to mind when you hear the word in Kadikoy on the Anatolian side and the European side in Taksim. On the European side, suppose you went to Taksim’deyiz and bus stops; huge, turning in front of a large square. Monument to the War of Independence of the Republic of describing the Taksim square in the middle of the rising. On one side you will not find in any cosmopolitan city, beatiful greens and Gezi Park. And here lies the one hand, Istiklal Caddesi.

Taksim Republic Monument

Between Taksim Square and the Tunel, walking along Istiklal Caddesi. Both the world of the modern world, as well as shopping centers and the famous brands of expensive shops along the street and come from past to present, Terkos Passage, Atlas Passage, especially gifts, will attract the attention of tourists with souvenirs and a variety of other cheap-and arcades, as well as historic buildings and architecture and also as a meaning for everyone that beautiful street in Istanbul, Istiklal Street.

İstiklal Caddesi

Most people in the street you hear, private and beautiful places in the mind first notables Yemek Kulübü still a special place in the history and cuisine, Ara Güler’s Ara Cafe, J’adore, the Beatles, or Tram Café Latarne pleasant and as enjoyable places to be recommended.

Cezayir Sokağı

Within the framework of Taksim travels a little more, you will not want to go to a street already enter the Cezayir Çıkmazı (Cezayir Çıkmazı’s other street name is French Street). This street lined with cafes, cafes down the stairs in a state of visual quality and taste of the open space more peaceful compared to a dead end.

Istiklal Street Art Stations

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When you go to the İstanbul, you should visit art galleries. You will find yourself in front of a table while following the footsteps of contemporary art. Stay in Three Apples Taksim Residence and visit the art galleries on Istiklal Street. Istiklal Caddesi is home to a large number  the gallery. First, stop by Salt Beyoğlu, and visit the current exhibition at number 136th. Salt established a new exhibition average every 1.5 months,  Each new show, which is in great demand Salt’s entries free of charge.

Come out with Salt and stop at Arter than see inspiring art works. Arter is five-storey building that is fourth floor used for  exhibition space. Lift 4 floor and start to exhibition. Arter hasn’t got an entry fee.

After Arter we invite you to Pera Museum. Pera Museum opened in 2005, several film screenings and talks, panels, and organizing exhibitions. Pera Museum has an extensive collection. Pera Museum also closely follows the artistic developments also in abroad, you will save a completely different perspective. Pera Museum, which occupies a historic building at Tepabaşı has a cafeteria where you can relax and drink a coffee.

After the Pera Museum now destination is in Mısır Apartment! Mısır Apartment building is a historic building.Building built by Hosvep Aznavuryan. The building is located in Galeri Nev. Surveys conducted in 2011, Gallery Nev selected the best gallery.

Hidden Beauties of Karaköy

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Considered as the second capital of Istanbul, Turkey, in each district contains a unique beauty. If you have not come to Istanbul before, seeing the city has a population of 17 million is too late. But do not worry, Istanbul is always open for you . At any time, You can press the foot in district of this historic point. Before you begin a ride to Istanbul, you will surely create a trip plan. With this plan the trip will be hiked without forgetting any of the places to visit. Three Apples Taksim Suite accommodations, access may be comfortable anywhere. If you want to go down to the beach from Taksim- Karakoy you can use the world’s second oldest subway and get off at Tunnel Metro.Karakoy Beyoglu famous with hans,banks and business, Karaköy is the one of the oldest and most famous commercial centers. Galata Bridge bonds the Karaköy to Eminönü. Güllüoğlu Karakoy is famous with baklava and the bride pack. Don’t forget to eat. Karakoy Gulluoglu will enchant you with delicious flavor desserts.

Do not forgo the Istanbul Modern Art Museum while you’re in Karaköy. Istanbul Modern Art Museum is located between Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and Tophane-i Amire. Istanbul Modern’s exhibition will be good for you,it has also a café to relax. Istanbul Modern hosts the Biennial, the museum is a must-see precious.

Another structure that must be visited in Karaköy is Tophane-i Amire building. During the Ottoman Empire were used as cannon casting furnace.  While visiting the exhibition you will feel like living in the time of the Ottoman Empire.

Witnessing History of Hagia Sophia Museum

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We can talk about who want to make the trip on historic sites of Istanbul’s. Suriçi is the other name of the historical peninsula. The Golden Horn, the Bosphorus and the Marmara Sea, surrounded by the historical peninsula of Istanbul, the first call is established and developed the area. The peninsul’s western border of the Byzantine city walls can be seen. There are two reasons why this area is called the historical peninsula. The first reason is due to the fact that Istanbul’s oldest settlements. The second reason is due in its having many historical artifacts in. The Hagia Sophia Museum, Çemberlitas Bath, Sultanahmet Square, is located in  In the historical peninsula.

Hagia Sophia, patriarch the cathedral is a basilica was built in the Byzantine period, with the conquest of Istanbul in 1453 turned into a mosque by the Ottoman Empire. The building is called the “sofia” , Greek word “wisdom” means. “Hagia Sophia” and “holy wisdom” means. This structure is accepted  a masterpiece in the history of art because of managing to stand for 15 centuries. Hagia Sophia, the oldest cathedral in the world at the same  the world’s fastest (5 years)built in the cathedral. It was a mosque and is now used as a museum Hagia Sophia, has welcomed its first visitors as a museum on 1 February 1935.

You can witness the history by visiting the Hagia Sophia Museum. You will admire the architecture of this museum and you can visit at 09:00 between the hours of 17:00. The entrance fee is 25 Turkish Liras. Museum is also very convenient transportation.You can access the Hagia Sophia Museum by Eminonu tram line. If you are coming from out of town to İstanbul, you sholud keep a map of Istanbul with you.