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Archives: Ağustos 2013

Cezayir Street: A Fabulous Atmosphere

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Beyoglu is not just an other world, it has the synergy of diversity. When you start to walk on İstiklal Street, you can see a Russian tourist playing violin, keep walking, you will see African musicians making their authentic music, different faces from all over the world will amaze you, artists, business man, Arabic, European, Asian people, now you see a Japanese music group making traditional Japaneese music, let the synergy feel you groovy, take a deep breathe and enjoy your moments.

Cezayir Street

Cezayir Street

When you are bored of the crowd, enter an old lane, feel the smell of İstanbul, you will discover the labyrinth of Beyoglu, get lost. There are lots of small streets behind İstiklal Street. One of them is Cezayir Street. İt is on a hill, all the street is full of bars and cafes. There are lots of bars, playing different kinds of music, some play blues, some play loud pop music. You can have a brownie or eat something, have a beer or drink wine, let the music give you peace.

Cezayir Street

Cezayir Street

This place is full of music and joy. There is no big crowd like İstiklal, only people drinking beer, having fun, enjoying the music. The bars on this street is a bit more expensive than the other places on Beyoglu. But, they are all high quality. You can see well dressed gentleman and elegant women talking silently. İn an other bar, you can see people dancing and having fun.

The most important feature of the street is its cheerful atmosphere, it is the best choice to hang out in Cezayir Street with your friends, girl friend or boy friend..

Istanbul Vintage Stations

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Istanbul is a paradise for second hand vintage shops and markets!Small antique shops, vintage stores, flea markets used to know which one do you prefer, but all of them are in abundance in Istanbul. For those who love the old household items, antique street of a small-scale is in Kadikoy. 1960 On this street, many dating from the 1970s, glassware, ceramics, cameras, porcelain, gramophones, records and is not surprising to find similar products. Moreover, prices are also very reasonable.

Established in the vicinity of the fabric market in Kadikoy on Fridays Fikirtepe second-hand clothes, and be able to meet with vendors selling household goods .On Sundays, Bomonti Feriköy Top Flea established. You can be able to find every vintage product. You can find many second hand / vintage watchmaker in Feriköy market.

You can able to find the many vintage clothes shop at Cihangir side.  Most of the shops selling over the internet, but it is a pleasure to go instead of breathing the atmosphere of another. This second-hand or vintage shops of all kinds designed dresses, skirts, jackets, shirts, shoes, able to find.Apparel products as well as many other accessories are also available. Second hand / vintage lovers are advised to visit these places.

Peace Time

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İstanbul, the city of dreams and fairy tales. A gorgeous history, great wonders and buildings which are all the treasures of cultural heritage. People from all over the world, when youre walking in İstanbul streets, you can hear a couple speaking French, an Arabian family, Japaneese people taking photos. All the Turkish people are very nice to them. Turkish hospitality is very famous. Turkish people generally love foreigners, and try to help them. Colorful İstanbul streets will amaze you. Turkey is the geographic centre of the region. And İstanbul was the wonderful capitol of Ottoman Empire. All the culture, music, foods, languages, books were centralizing into İstanbul. This made a great culture. A culture of joy, cheer and big chaos.

The Prince İslands are the jewelry of İstanbul. You buy a ferry boat ticket and wait the time of the sailing time. Sit outside of the ferry, and watch the wonderful İstanbul view. Mosques, old buildings, new buildings, bridges and ships. You can see the people throwing simit to sea gulls. Simit is a traditional turkish circular bread. Sea gulls catch them. The ferry boat sail and slowly you are going to The Prince İslands. Smell the air and the odour of the sea. Hear the sounds of the cheerful people speaking English, German, Korean, Indian.. Feel the love, feel groovy.

The long ferry trip is like a meditation. Its one the most relaxing journey. There are four big islands. Choose one of them, and when your ferry arrives the island you choose, step your foot on the land. You can ask Turkish people where you can go, have a meal or have a beer. Or you can try Turkish tea. Walk the old island ways, see the wonderful İstanbul buildings, take photos and feel the music of İstanbul.

Transportation information :

Istanbul Şehir Hatları: http://www.sehirhatlari.com.tr/tr/seferler/adalar-hatlari-353.html

Istanbul Deniz Otobüsü: http://www.ido.com.tr/

The History of Istanbul

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Istanbul oftentimes the city is described as the place where east meets west, or Europe meets Asia. Istanbul is the only city in the world to lie on two continents. Beyond its interesting geography, Istanbul full of ancient history. The city today stands upon layers and layers of past civilizations. Emerging out of its past is a rapidly growing, modern, and massive urban metropolis. Istanbul’s mix of east and west, and old and new make it an appealing city to visit.



With its cloudy skies and ancient buildings, my first impression of Istanbul was that of a sleepy town on the edges of both Europe and Asia. However, within a few hours of exploring the city’s bustling streets, my impression quickly changed. Istanbul has a unique energy that is impossible to find anywhere else. The city is one of the world’s largest, holding over 20 million people. In the mornings you see these people filling ferries, buses, subways, and cars on their way to work, while in the evenings they walk Istanbul’s winding avenues, and populate its restaurants, cafe, and bars. People are everywhere, but that’s not a bad thing. People in Istanbul tend to be friendly and polite, and are from all walks of life. Muslims, Jews, Christians, Europeans, Asians, Americans, Africans, and many more all call Istanbul home. The diversity and energy of the city’s inhabitants contribute to a lively and exciting atmosphere. Whether you are interested in simply people-watching, or jumping into the action, you will certainly be encompassed in the buzz of the city.



The city’ diversity however, does not end with its people. As the capital of ancient empires, and historical trading point. One could get lost in exploring the city’s old Ottoman palaces, mosques, churches, and other historic sites. Although old in age, Istanbul has a young spirit. High-rise buildings reach from the ancient ground into the city’s cloudy sky, while trendy new restaurants, cafes, and nightlife make the city among the world’s most modern. Old Ottoman architecture stands next to rising skyscrapers, churches, and mosques. The city is where the east has met west for thousands of years, and continues to do so today.

Istanbul is perhaps best described as a contradiction. It is both old and new, crowded and calm and eastern and western. One can easily lose themselves within the awing diversity and witness a blending of cultures, philosophies, and time periods unlike anywhere else in the world. It is a small piece of the world that includes nearly every part of it, and has something to offer for anyone who might visit.

Wine Houses of Istanbul

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On vacation, your way has been dropped  in Istanbul,  you can drink wine. We will talk about nice places for you to explore hidden wine stops. Numerous cafés, bars, restaurants, wine bars are on Istiklal Street. If you want to move your holiday a little more lively and warm atmosphere, you must visit The Pano House of Wine. Pano’s unique cheese plates and wine takes your journey to other worlds.

Pano House of Wine

Pano, while you sipping a glass of wine with the dim atmosphere, pleasant music will add to your enjoyment. On rainy days, while you sipping your hot wine, watching the drops of rain that falls on the windows of the Pano, will be a truly unique experience.

If the wine choice is local wine, Galata Sensus Wine House tailor-made for you. Sensus glass tables and pleasant atmosphere you drinking wine with into the realm of imagination. You can go Sensus by yourself or with a group, you would be very happy with the local wines and reasonable prices.

Sensus House of Wine

Sensus offer  glass partitions cheeses for attendants. You can also pack your favorite cheeses. While sipping a nice glass of wine with music, moving away from Istanbul’s lively and adventurous life for a little, drink a glass of wine to forget all the stress and frustrations.

The Heart of Istanbul

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Taksim located in the heart of Istanbul… Flavor of the different flavors of the stops and art intertwined wander out at night every day of the Taksim, entertainment center welcomes hundreds of domestic and foreign guests. If you’re translated to Istanbul, the route will draw you in this region is strong.

Elmadağ Residence

Istanbul is a city famous for traffic. Apart otel Taksim want to spend a pleasant time on the road instead of a day is an excellent area for hotels. Whether business trip, whether for vacation or to take part in the center of Istanbul is a great advantage. Elmadağ hotels, its proximity to Taksim and Nisantasi shopping, art – is located in the heart of culture and entertainment.

Istanbul with easy access to a distance of 750 meters and to provide you with quite enjoyable minutes Elmadağ hotels, with 9 rooms decorated with modern lines. Elmadağ hotels rooms of 35 m2 located in a separate living room and bedrooms. The design of the hotel, guests can feel in your own home, every detail was considered. Fridge, kettle, dishwasher, oven and a dining table with kitchens of the rooms, daily life provides the perfect resume form, unlimited internet, television and DVD player comes up to your feet with the latest technology. Taksim Residence is ideal for to stay in the Taksim. Three Apples quality at any time to live in Istanbul, you are waiting for the operator.

Matter where one goes, people feel comfortable and relaxed is important to him. For this reason, Elmadağ hotels rooms, embellished with vivid colors created in the home environment, and reached the peak of comfort. Fast pace of metropolitan life in a delightful and quite happy to fatigue you will want to spend time Elmadağ hotels.

Passion of Taksim Residence

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City of dreams flourished in Istanbul … The rat race, dark, enthusiasm, speed and passion, is known as the city of Istanbul, a completely different world intertwined be ready for the ride. Next to fold your dreams  when you preparing the clothes in your suitcase .

 If your path Istanbul dropped in İstanbul, you are very lucky, because of the unique experience. Taksim speed and enthusiasm  will catch you. Taksim nightlife, delicious cuisine, culture and art, affect you so much. On vacation, you would not think time. You want to be free and timeless to move and when you return to your room you can go any time you want because you are staying at Three Apples Taksim Residence. Istanbul is a city that is extremely large and crowded. If you do not want to see an end of your holiday car waiting for hours in traffic, you sholud stay at Taksim Residence. Within walking distance of Istiklal Street in Taksim Residence offers you an unforgettable holiday.

Bronze, silver and gold-suite Three Apples Taksim Residence is waiting for you with the comfort of a seamless holiday. Who is extremely sensitive to hygiene, the people  will appreciate with Residence Taksim suites. If you make the choice since the Gold suites with 2 bedrooms, 2 bath, 2 balconies and a terrace with spectacular views of a next. Sip a glass of wine on the terrace under the moonlight. Three Apples Taksim Residence holiday soaking up as much as you want to feel for you.



Tiny Little Happiness

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If you think that by devoting at home during the week, dressed up casual clothes and go to Karaköy.If you are coming from Taksim to follow the straight path, walk to the boarding buses, allowing air to touch your skin. When you scroll straight Karaköy fishermen there, you will find yourself somewhere in the right a sweet place with shabby chairs. Remove your shoes, your feet into the sea Insert,  say songs, feel free! Buzzer should sound your stomach when you go there.Eat fish bread with pickled turnip juice, or if you want a nice beautiful table plenty of raki, equip fish, the choice is yours. Fluffy fluffy cats wandering around you and you sure partner your meal with white seagulls.If you want to join tours there for a marvelous rides throat. Stay in our opinion there watching the sunset sun.



You will not go home now, of course. Nightlife does not happen just for the weekend, get a life! Quit Beyoğlu – in the middle of Istiklal Avenue- for example, you can go to the Salsanat. Three floor offers three different music and food, Club Salsanat (Performance Hall), Salsanat Arena Club and Salsanat taverns. In which the concept of the mood at that moment she wants it on the floor breath. In which concept of the mood at that moment you want breath on that floor. Night life, just not designed to have fun dancing. Make yourselves at least occasionally surprises though, have the right to pampering you and others around you as well.