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Dem: A Unique Tea House at Karakoy

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Dem Karakoy

It’s easy to get comfortable at this cute cafe decorated with green chairs, yellow tones, nice pictures on the wall and flowers on the tables. While you start to relax, you are given two menus; one for teas and the other for their delicious food.

At first it’s impossible not to get indecisive at Dem. You can choose between different types of teas from all around the world including white, green, red, oolong, black, smoked and herbal. It helps to read the details of every variety to see which ones matches your taste or mood at that moment. You can have your tea in stylish cups or adorable teapots.

Food menu is as much as varied as their tea menu. Omelettes, paninis, wraps, mini cheeseburgers and of course sweet cookies, scones and desserts are waiting for you to be tasted. Feel free to ask for help about which one goes best with your tea of choice.

At this time of the year we were tempted to try Christmas Tea with beckoning notes of cinnamon and orange. If you are a true tea lover, we recommend visiting Dem Cafe at Karakoy. With its attracting ambiance and different tea varieties, it’s a unique tea house.

Hoodie Buddie Is Music Lovers’ New Favourite

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Hoodie-Buddie We all got tired of our headphone or earphone wires tangling in our pockets or bags. If you agree Hoodie Buddie will be your favourite product. The sweatshirts we’ve seen on celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Ann Hathaway, Ashley Greene now sold in Turkey. In addition to being comfy and cool, the real trick of Hoodie Buddie is having a standard earphone jack in its front pocket. So you never have to carry earphones everywhere with you. Just take your MP3 Player and enjoy your playlist anywhere you want.


When plugged into your device of choice, sound travels through the cables and reaches you via earphones on sweatshirt’s drawstrings. There are different colour and model options for women, men and kids. And the good news is that it’s perfectly safe to wash your Hoodie Buddies at 30 C degrees. You can find your buddie at

Nublu Istanbul: Where Great Music Meets Good Food

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Are you looking for somewhere you can have nice plate of delicious food while listening to great music? Well, we know just the right place: Nublu Istanbul. Famous jazz musician Ilhan Ersahin’s New York based club Nublu İstanbul has been a venue for ears craving for good music for a few years. Recently relocated to Sıraselviler from Karaköy, the underground music venue has become so much more. With the addition of new kitchen and decoration, the venue is now a feast for your ears, eyes and taste buds.


Just ten minute walk from our hotel 3 Apples Suites & Residence, it’s on Sıraselviler Street. It is an ideal location to spend the whole night starting from a tasty meal. The kitchen is open between 11:00 – 23:00 and the food is prepared by talented young Chef Deniz Asik. We really loved risotto balls but the menu offers many more deliciousness.


They say a hungry stomach has no ears. After dinner, now you are ready for jazz! We strongly encourage you to stay for the live performance and listen to renowned musicians both from Turkey and around the world. Who could say no to dancing to jazz, funk and soul beats. Live performance hall has a capacity for 400 people and there’s plenty of space to show off your moves.


To sum up, Nublu Istanbul is cool place with inspirational music and yummy food where you can have an awesome time with friends and romantic partner. Being very near to our hotel is another plus.

Discover the newest events at

360 İstanbul

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İf you have spare night you should definitely walk down İstiklal Street. It is just unbelievable. At least 1 million people go up and down everyday. Be sure to go to 360. 360 İstanbul is an extremely great restaurant It is a rooftop place near Taksim Square, with panoramic views of the city. This restaurant one of the best views in İstanbul overlooking the city and Bosperous. The food quality and presentation is a very nice. Also, the view of the Bosphorus from the covere rooftop dining area is breathtaking and some table with direct view Bospohorus.


During dinner the diners are entertained by wall – crawling women and Broadway inspired singers. I have to say the food meet my expectation, the kitchen knows what they are doing, you must look in advance, the entertainment is great and the view is great to, enjoy and they had lovely desserts. The service is very professional, good, simply, kind and friendly.


After dinner the restaurant turns into a high end nightclub with house mucis. 360 İstanbul, full packed on weekends and a great place and enjoy a great view. The 360 İstanbul is a denite must when you come to İstanbul.

Nardis Jazz Club

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Nardis Jazz Club is the best nice bar around the Galata Tower. The bar has got wonderful atmosphere, great music, cozy place with brick walls, wooden floor  and quite normal cuisine. What is important for unforgettable night. You can visit Nardis Jazz Club every time when you are in İstanbul.

GALATA (170) [1600x1200]

Nardis Jazz Club, honest servant that is very valuable in İstanbul. What you really appreciate is the club honest policy to sell drinks to people, they did not ask you for another drink for 100 times. Practically you can see every night and you can always find something interesting there. Usually, the club is full but you can reserve the table.


The owner of Nardis has got a serious long – term experience in jazz industry and great taste, so she invites only very talented musicians and singers. Also, dinner, the cuisine and the drinks are very fine. I think, my favourite meals there are: the shish kebab, the Nardis hamburger and the borek. The prices are reasonable and the personel is professional, kind, helpful and quick. At same time, you can meet many of great jazz people in Nardis Jazz Club. I always look forward with impatience to go to Nardis again to listen to a good music and to have a good evening. You must visit there.

Taksim Bahçıvan

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İf you come to Taksim Square, you should visit to Taksim Bahçıvan restaurant. This restaurant very friendly, good atmosphere, cosy and good services. The food is an excellent and very fantastic example of the Turkısh cuisine at the best prices. Breads freshly make in their oven. At same time, you can view the open kitchen and see the food being cooked and prepared fresh.

ls (1)

Taksim Bahçıvan near Taksim in the shopping district. İf you want to after the meal, you can go to Taksim Square and discovering to İstiklal Street shopping to mall or enjoying on the İstiklal Street. In addition to, you can meet to a lot of new people for example Asian, Europe, American etc. Because, there are all country people in the Taksim Square.


Taksim Bahçıvan restaurant very friendly staff, one who speak English exceptionally well, not necessity and you can try to learn some Turkish word but it is nice to hold a conversation properly. The waiter is so friendly, kind, helpful and quick. Also you will definitely miss their delicious desert, kunefe. I highly recommend going there, you will not regret it !

Taksim My House

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Taksim My House has a great view of the Bosphorous. There is the terrace, wonderful ambience with stunning panoramic views over the Bosphorus. The menu is in Turkish but the waiters is excellent in assisting with your choices. You find is a good sign of food being freshly prepare. You find the service to be of a very high standard and for the quality of food receive. You can try the combo pizza, chicken grill in Mexican sauce and fried fish and chips.


Taksim My House, the prices are good enough give the quality of the food. The restaurant, stay near to Taksim Square. The view of the Bosphorus from the covere rooftop dining area is breathtaking and some table with direct view Bosporus. Taksim My House, the waiter and waitress is very kind, friendly, helpful and quickly.


Taksim My House for anyone struggling to find location go to the Taksin end of İstiklal Street and beer right around the corner from Burger King, this is Sira Selviler Street, the restaurant is about 500 meters up on the left hand side really is two minutes from Taksim Square and well worth a visit. You definitely visit Taksim My House.

Hafız Mustafa 1864

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Hafız Mustafa is a sweet heaven. It is hard to describe how good the variety pastries, a very nice place with a lot to choose from if you like sugar you must visit Hafız Mustafa at the Taksim Square. Especially the traditional walnut baklava exceptional. You should try their pastries as well which were good. Also, their lovely baklavas with Turkish tea for an amazingly sinful and yum experience.


Hafız Mustafa, certainly feels like they have spent at least 150 years perfecting the Baklava. Seriously, if you are looking for the best Turkish pastries and candies likely in the entire world this is where you have to go. İf you go to Hafız Mustafa, you should seat on the top floor by the window and have a lovely view.


Hafız Mustafa service is very professional, friendly, helpful and very quick. The menu is at least an inch think and overwhelming, but in English. You should order the pistachio baklava, a mixed assortment of Turkish Delight and a fig pudding. Especially, the fig pudding is divine, rich and creamy and delicately perfume with figs. The drinks is also lovely but you can not finish because by then you are in a sugar coma. Hafız Mustafa is a number one of the Taksim Square. You must visit here.

Faros Restaurant Taksim

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Faros Restaurant Taksim is cosy, friendly and the interior modern and relaxing place. This restaurant is in the perfect location next Taksim Square. The restaurant has a nice 3 course dinner with starter, main, desert and wine, the quality is amazing and price is very good. At the same time, the service is so friendly, very helpful and really excellent. İn addition to, service staff is very informative, careful, and fast. Faros Restaurant great crowd and food.


Faros Restaurant Taksim extensive menu with many options enabling you to find exactly what you are looking for. You should try the testi kebab and moussaka, the lamb chops with sweet sauce is really good. Faros Restaurant Taksim, one of the best places for a few drinks and a couple of bites. The place is so relax, good music, nice atmosphere and very handy for Taksim Square. Even a heater outside for those chilly evenings. Also, restaurant is very clean and wifi works great and while you surfing on the internet, you should drink Turkısh Coffee.

Faros Restaurant Taksim, here you feel that you are in a very friendly place. Its one of the top places in Taksim area to have decent International cuisine. Highly recommended !

Best Cafes in Cihangir

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You can find out tens of special, little places in Cihangir. Some number of this places are boutique coffee shops, some are cafes with little kitchens and some are family owned cafes – restaurants. People go to these places for brunch, lunch or to meet up with friends to have snacks and delicious coffees.


You can escape from the hectic life of the city to the special garden of this lade-back place. White Mill has a wide selection menu from brunch to dinner for its loyal customers and celebrities. The place is popular with energetic waiters but there are also complaints about the late service.



Avam Kahvesi is famous with 16 different type of Turkish sodas. Cafe services mostly brunch and lunch but you can try it anytime you want. The place has friendly atmosphere, nice decoration and nostalgic musics. The menu has also wide selection of hot drinks.



1kahve has got fresh made coffee, mint lemonade, green tea and cheesecake. You can sit outside of the place and can read books and work due to its calm atmosphere.