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Dress Up in Giycek Old Time Photo Studio

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giyçek photo studio

Travelling back in time is a dream therefore  we like taking photos, to capture some of our nicest moments in the photos. In these days, there is a place where enthusiasts of history and Ottoman times can’t stop themselves to visit; Giycek Old Time Photo Studio makes sure you travel in time and having a great time at the same time.

The costumes and the design of studio reflect the Ottoman times are all prepared specially, getting appreciation from hundreds of visitors. You may feel as if you are at a costume party or have the joy of being one of the sultans of Ottoman or harem girls.

Giycek Old Time Photo Studio has been explored by many of people since the location of the studio in Galata is quite easy to reach. If you don’t like to wait or turn back without your photos taken, we advise you to get appointment before your visit, since even an ordinary day in studio is heavily busy.

For having time with friends and family and having commemorative pictures together, studio has service for outdoors as well. Specially designed costumes and decorations, can be moved where your organisations, meetings are held, by the professional team of Giycek Old Time Photo Studio.

The taken photos can be prepared as printed or you may prefer to have them just in digital records.

Studio of course have different concepts other than Ottomans, such as birthdays celebrations, graduation parties or extraordinary portraits for personal branding. You may get ideas from creative team or share your own ideas for your projects.

Green Retreat in City: Yildiz Park

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yıldız park istanbul

There are some myths saying that here is the place Pan fluted in old times.  We can’t assume as if this myth is true or not but if Pan came to Bosphorus, he should have visited somewhere in here since it covers 45 hectares in Bosphorus. There are 2 gates for Yıldız Park, one of them is located in Ortaköy and second one is located in Çırağan.  As park is located in the middle of Istanbul city, it got attention from the emperors of their time in every age but first records for the park was from 16th century.

Malta Kiosk and Çadır Kiosk was built during reign of 2. Abdulhamit (1842-1918) are still open to public in the park. This period was important since the most of the investment was placed to Yıldız Park and its landscape, such as Cihannüma Kiosk, Limonluk Kiosk and Şale Kiosk.

The park is now renovated under the name of Yıldız Park and Landscape. Today it is under management of Metropolitan Municipality of İstanbul.

If you are looking for a place to relax yourself in a quiet place, Yıldız Park is the most suitable place for having fresh air and having time with friends and family. With its reasonable prices you can have good breakfast service and traditional pomegranate syrup by the Bosphorus view.

Since the area is fairly large we recommend getting your car for transportation. Yıldız Park is the most available place in the center of city for hiking while accompanied by the smell of tulips, hyacinths and sea. As the area suitable for different species of trees and many seeds have been brought here since Ottoman times, there are trees almost 450 years old here.

Turkey’s Tallest: Sapphire Istanbul

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sapphire mall

As one of the fastest growing cities, İstanbul honors to locate İstanbul Sapphire which is the tallest building of Turkey and İstanbul since 2011. Skyscraper is located in Levent – Maslak transition. Including spires, it heights 261 metres and received the badge for being 4th tallest building in Europe.

If you would like to have a panoramic view of İstanbul, you may visit here with your friends and family in the weekend. As the shopping mall and outdoor facilities are well organized, it is possible to have a full day here.

Total 66 floors constructed in a 165 meter square area and first 10 floors are located under ground floor. Parking lot is located on the 6th floor and shopping mall is located two floors above parking, on the eighth floor. There are also business offices and 177 residences. They reserve an area for 970 meter square for shared facilities as a lounge. On the top floor there is a golf training place which covers a 1.100 meter-square area. The terrace serves open to public which is at 225 meter high. There are 14 elevators, 8 of them are speedy and 13 escalators for moving inside the building.

Located in the Beşiktaş, Etiler and Şişli intersection, İstanbul Sapphire is in the middle of business life. From this point it is easy to reach TEM motorway, Boğaziçi and Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridges.

Since a special glass used in its design, İstanbul Sapphire is also the first ecological construction in Turkey. The special glass provides air conditioning by the small holes in its manufacturing. This special design also prevent the building from noise of the city and bad air conditions.


A Hidden Gem: Heritage Nomadic Art Gallery

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As many of the historical places are in Sultanahmet Square, there are many gift and souvenir shops you can find. Heritage Nomadic Art Gallery is one of them but this place is unique as they are selling all inspiring pieces here. You can find extraordinary woolen handmade rugs but they are not pieces that one can find anywhere else. They sell Nomadic rugs, all handmade knitted with woollen, dyed with natural madders. That is the main feature of these rugs and even you use for long years colors stay still. There are many beautiful rugs, with nice motives from different regions of Anatolia that can be used in homes, ofices or in boutique places.

Heritage Nomadic Art Gallery also presents Ottoman textile manufactured with silk. You can find kilims which Anatolian people still use instead of rugs in their homes. You may also like cushions, buying a couple for yourself or for a friend can be a good gift idea. But before seeing İznic tiles, don’t finish shopping, they are really amazing. If you have heard about İznic tiles you may know it requires to be an expert to understand if they are handmade or serial fabric. In Heritage Nomadic Art Gallery you can find nice İznic tiles safely, all handmade nice decorative plates with handmade tiles. If you won’ t have trouble while carrying, there are some kilim furnitures and mosaic lamps as well.  By Heritage Nomadic Art Gallery’ s website you can also order online to have them safely by shipped to your door.

New Place, New Tastes: Dandin Bakery

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If you are walking around Beyoğlu, Karaköy or Eminönü and looking for a place to drop by and try some fresh and new tastes, here is a new place, Dandin Bakery, welcomes you with a big smile and extraordinary bakeries.

You can feel, place is a dream of a young couple while you step by the place. It is bakery shop but has a cafe part for the guests to have sit and rest for a while. Both owners are designer and Dandin was their workshop place just a few years ago. After they decided to bake nice cookies like madeleine biscuits, pastries like religieuse, tarts and serve nice coffees they moved workshop somewhere else.  There are really new tastes like beet burger, lavender chocolate cake at least you may wonder how it looks.

The place has a remarkable architecture with high ceiling as the owners also wanted to express their lifestyle. The atmosphere in Dandin Bakery is warm like you are visiting one of your friends home for evening tea or Sunday breakfast, staff is polite and prices are reasonable.

Dandin Bakery is ideal for meeting with friends after work or planning a intimate celebration with a few friends. If you like to try non common dishes and desserts, Dandin Bakery should be top of your list to visit in İstanbul and possibly in Europe. As each day their visitors and addicted customers increases it is advised to make reservation to find a place if you would like to have time here.

A Byzantine Church: Chora Museum

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Kariye Museum or known as Chora museum is located a bit far from city, that is why it was called “chora” that means out of city and far in Latin. It is located near Edirnekapı region, near Goldenhorn. Even it is a bit hard to find the way, as you can see some early Byzantine times mosaics, frescoes and wall paintings here, you should visit here for a complete İstanbul trip. “The Anastasis Scene” can be seen here is one of the best mosaics well deserved since 10. Century. If you take a taxi for going you will have chance to see Theodosian Walls on the way.

Church of the Holy Saviour in Chora (the original name) was built in early 5th century as a monastry. As the remaing fabrics was added between 1075-1085, today church presents these 10. Century’ s architectural features. After the earthquake in 12. Century renovated by Comnenus one of the son of Byzatine Emperor.

Mosaics and frescos in Kariye Museum was performed one the leading artist of century, Theodore Metochites, between 1315-1321. According to a rumour Metochites lived in church as a monk last 2 years before his death.

After the conquest of Byzantine Chora Church was used as church till 1511 then was converted to a mosque and used as a mosque till 1945. After renovations between 1948-1958, church was opened as a museum and stands still with unique frescoes. Kariye Museum represents the art and architecture or Byzantine and Eastern Empire and one the best places every art and history enthusiasts should see.

Home of Tulips: Emirgan Park

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emirgan korusu

For those who want to relax away from the hussle and noise in the city, Emirgan Park is the ultimate location to go. It is the most beautiful park in Istanbul where you can walk in park and a forest and have a look at the sea at the same time. It’s on a hillside opposing Bosphorus within a 470.000 m2 of area. Located in Emirgan, Sariyer, it is one of the the largest urban parks in Istanbul.

It also has a history from Ottoman Empire. The park took its name from Emir Gune Han whom Ottoman sultan Murad IV (reigned 1623-1640) presented the estate to. In time the name becomes Emirgan. The area changed owners several times and by the the 1860s, it was owned by Khedive Ismail Pasha. He built three wooden pavilions; White, yellow and pink which still exist.

Today it is run by Municipality of Istanbul. There are two beautiful ponds and more than 120 species of plants. But tulip is the most important of them. There is a special tulip garden in the park and in every April, an annual international tulip festival is organized which makes the park even more attractive and colorful.

It is very easy to reach Emirgan Korusu from Three Apples Hotels. The most convenient way is to directly take the bus (40, 42T, 40T) from Taksim. You will get there in 15 minutes without the traffic.

A Flavourful Rooftop: Duble Meze Bar

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duble rooftop restaurant

Hitting the glasses with friends in the weekend is something else. If you want to combine the scene with a fantastic Istanbul view, we recommend that you visit Duble Meze Bar. It’s a rooftop restaurant in the buzzing neighbourhood of Pera Palace with a breath-taking Golden Horn view.

As the name suggests, place is specialized in mezzes (Turkish tapas). They present traditional Ottoman, Mediterrenean and Balkan tastes in an innovative fashion. If you have a hard time choosing between more than 40 mezzes, you should definitely give priority to smoked scallop with Turkish pastırma and hummus.  Wide selection of wines and rakis in the menu is guarantee to a sweet evening. Boutique Turkish wines are definitely worth trying. If you prefer to have a cocktail before or after the meal, Cucumber Mojito is a fine choice.

Saying that Duble Meze Bar with its modern decor and relaxing ambience offers the guests a perfect experience wouldn’t be an overstatement. The view that you won’t get enough is unique. Turkish music begins to be played around 11:00 pm and people start dancing which makes the ambience even more colorful. If you’re in Istanbul or planning to come, you should experience Duble Meze Bar for yourself. But don’t forget to book before hand or you may not find a table.

Our hotel guests staying at Three Apples, the place is very easy to locate from Istiklal Street. You can either walk for 15-20 min. to Asmalı Mescit or you can use the metro to Sishane stop. Exit out of  Kasimpasa exit, go upwards to galata. It’s on the corner where Mesrutiyet and Asmalı Mescit Street meet.

Witness of The Past: Rahmi Koc Museum

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rahmi koc museum

If you are ready to witness history we’re going to Rahmi Koç Museum. The museum, located in Haskoy district of Istanbul, in Turkey, has been dedicated to industrial, transportation, and communication history . Open with the support of businessman Rahmi Koç, often events and special exhibitions are organized in the museum. You can also see the private collection of objects belonging to Rahmi Koç himself.

Built over a large area of 27,000 square meters, the museum entrance welcomes you with a real plane. The museum consists of two parts as Lengerhane building and Haskoy Shipyard. Lengerhane Building which had been established for the shipyard in III. Ahmet period during Ottoman Empire, was purchased by the Rahmi M. Koç Museum and Cultural Foundation in 1991 and opened to visitors in 1994. And in 1996 Haskoy Shipyard was purchased by the Foundation and was included in the museum in 2001 .

While wandering the museum which have tremendous wealth and beauty in terms of artifacts and objects it hosts, you will have a sense of taking a trip in time and you will definitely lose track of time. You can be sure that you won’t get enough of watching thousands of pieces with interest from classic cars, gramophone needle , industrial machinery to the old trains. Contained in the shipyard section there are pleasant alternatives such as Teapot Café , Fenerbahçe Ferry , and Coca-Cola Buffet for those who want to rest.

To reach Rahmi Koc Museum from Three Apples Suites & Residence our guests can take the bus (54HT, 54HŞ or 36GB) from Taksim.

An Extraordinary Restaurant: Sivuple

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sivuple pizza place

For a very authentic restaurant experience, you should visit Sivuple. Once a motorcycle repair shop, Sivuple now brings a new breath to Dolapdere in Taksim with its different service and vintage interior decoration.

Sivuple is a hidden gem in a neighbourhood home to various repairshops. It differs with both its looks and name. After getting bored with all the restaurants similar to each other, the owners decided to go bold and open a restaurant in an extraordinary location and concept. This decision resonates to everything from decoration to service.

First of all, you won’t find your regular menu at this restaurant. It changes almost every week aside from 15 different types of artisan pizzas. Decorated with vintage items, place is colourful and fun. Every furniture is unique and even tables and chairs are different from each other.

Among the city’s historical churches and apartments, Sivuple offers amazing food, Sunday brunches and even DJ performances. And after you finish eating, you’re very welcome to sit and continue having good time with friends or open your laptop to get some work done.

For Three Apples’ guests, it’s even easier to reach this special place. Just walk a few minutes on Cumhuriyet Caddesi. Take a left into Elmadağ Caddesi and walk down the hill until you see Sivuple on your left.